Fun Vegan Milkshakes

I'm not sure why we don't scream for milkshakes, but we really should - especially when they are of epic proportions! These fun vegan milkshakes are here to shake your world! They have none of the dairy, but 150% of the fun. Please enjoy responsibly as you may experience major adrenaline. Recipe Ingredients: 1 frozen … Continue reading Fun Vegan Milkshakes


Dairy Free, Sugar Free Avocado Popsicles

The versatility of avocados have always amazed me. They can be used in savory and sweet dishes (yes, as icing! Crazy, right?). I had six ripe avocados this weekend, so naturally I used them for guacamole...and popsicles. One day I will get an ice cream maker and turn them into ice cream. But, until then, … Continue reading Dairy Free, Sugar Free Avocado Popsicles

Dairy-free, Grain-free Vanilla Cupcakes 

Hello everyone! I can't believe I successfully made grain-free cupcakes and have them actually taste like cupcakes. To me, that just seems weird. But, awesome. But, weird. What's even crazier is that it's refined sugar-free (minus the sprinkles), dairy-free, and gluten-free! I couldn't believe that there are so many types of flour out there that … Continue reading Dairy-free, Grain-free Vanilla Cupcakes