Raw Pumpkin Spice Bars

The best part about fall? Pumpkin. Spice. Everything. So, here are some raw pumpkin spice bars topped with chocolate! Plus, these are refined sugar-free and dairy-free.  Recipe:  1/2 cup oats 1/2 cup chickpea flour  1/4 cup dates 1/2 cup almond milk 2 tbsp pumpkin spice  For chocolate layer:  1/2 cup almond milk  3 tbsp cacao … Continue reading Raw Pumpkin Spice Bars


Homemade Sugar-free Sprinkles! 

A part of me wants to eat healthy and another part of me wants to put sprinkles all over everything. Seriously, cupcakes without sprinkles is just not right. Sprinkles give a dessert some oomph when it needs it. But, the problem is...it's all sugar which doesn't really work with what I'm going for. I feel … Continue reading Homemade Sugar-free Sprinkles!