The Cold Pressery in Mississauga, ON

Today was an absolute vegan adventure. We visited The Cold Pressery in Mississauga, Ontario and was pleasantly surprised. Well, not really because my cousin works there and we have only heard great things! 

The cafe is completely vegan with great good options to choose from. I indulged in the chipotle bean tacos while Patrick and my sister enjoyed the grilled cheese sandwich. For dessert we had a cookies and cream donut and raw tiramisu with vanilla ice cream made from coconut milk. 

I would highly recommend this place!


Nexus Coffee Co. in Uxbridge, ON

Now that it’s summer break, I am back in Ontario visiting the family. Our first stop is in Uxbridge visiting Patrick’s family. I was so happy to see dairy-free gelato at Nexus Coffee Company! Uxbridge is a fairly small town so I didn’t expect it to have vegan anything. I was pleasantly surprised.

The atmosphere is very chill and cafe mod. There is lots on the menu. I didn’t quite look at any food options, but they definitely give you dairy-free drink options. Their selection of gelato is about 6 different flavours with two that are non-dairy. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend the place! Hip atmosphere with dairy-free options, what’s not to love? 

Village Ice Cream in Calgary, AB

If you’re not an ice cream person, go there for the waffle cones. As simple as they are, the waffle cones there are delicious. They are made in house right in front of you. They are hard enough to hold your ice cream but has a soft, chewy texture. As for the ice cream, I have only tried their dairy-free ice cream made from coconut milk.

Although their selection for dairy-free ice cream isn’t as extensive as their list of conventional ice cream, it definitely hits the spot. I find that they usually have two dairy-free ice cream flavours available – and they do not disappoint. I notice that they regularly change the dairy-free flavours, which does allow for more variety over time. It sports a very busy and hip atmosphere. Be prepared to wait in line!




Cartems Donuterie in Vancouver, BC

I donut know anyone who doesn’t like donuts. It’s just inconceivable. A week ago I had a layover in Vancouver, BC, and knew that if I was going to do anything there it would be having a donut at Cartems Donuterie. This place was a hipster’s dream from decor to their variety of special drinks to vegan donuts! Yes, vegan donuts. I was super stoked because I am lactose intolerant which naturally means I love cream filled donuts! (That’s how it always goes, right?). I had the lavender rice pudding donut while Patrick had the London fog donut. Both were definitely 10/10.